Camping Equipment



Camping equipment :
Igloo Tent/Roof Tent (for 2 persons), Mattresses, Duvets, Gas Bottle + Cooker, Gas or LED light,  Camping Chairs, Camping Table, Water Can, Cooking utensils in PVC box.
Price for 2 persons roof or ground tent: € 5.00 per day
Price for 4 persons roof or ground tents: € 10.00 per day




Camping Starter Pack:
You can book your starter pack together with your vehicle. The camping starter pack includes the following items:

Firewood, Charcoal, Blitz (Firelighters), Matches (2 boxes), Drinking water (2 x 5 litre), Cooking Oil, Tin foil, Coffee whitener, Doom (Insect spray), Dishwashing liquid, Hand wash soap, Kitchen towel, Rubbish bags, Toilet paper (2 rolls) and Kitchen paper (2 rolls). € 45 for the whole pack.



Our cell phone network covers only 30% of Namibia. In case of emergency this Iridium Satellite Phone offers you unlimited communications from even the remotest wildernesses in Southern Africa. It comes with in a dust- and waterproof case and a 220 V or a 12 V car charger. Call charges: US$ 1.95/min.

€ 9.00 per day inclusive 10 minutes air time




Navigation System:
The GPS Navigation System unit from Garmin guides you through all Southern African countries, off-road as well as on the road. Easy to use touch screen that shows distances and arrival time. Hand-held (battery), or fixed in the vehicle powered by the cigarette lighter power outlet. The Navigation System guides the user visually through turn-by-turn directions and verbally in 40 different languages. € 5 per day



Extra tools package:
Tow rope, toolbox, hand broom € 12 per rental

(Standard the vehicle includes: 2 spare wheels, jack, wheel spanner, wheel lever, danger triangle, wood block, first aid kit, safety wests, spare fuses, fire extinguisher, tyre pressure gauge,)



12/220V Engel fridge/freezer 40 liter:  € 5.00 per day







Air compressor for the inflation of tyres, runs off car battery: € 15.00 per rental